COVID: Why video is more important than ever

I found this succinct article from Video Strategist James Bryant about why using digital media for your marketing is more valuable than ever:

“Whilst no one can predict what a post-coronavirus reality will look like for businesses, one thing is certain: digital content is more important than ever.

Global Web Index found that over 80% of people say they are consuming more content since the outbreak, with TV and online videos being the primary mediums. And this will only increase as lockdown continues.

With more users online and for longer, there is naturally more demand for new content, particularly video. Video has always been a powerful marketing tool and right now it might just be one of the best options available for communicating with your audience, both old and new.

Even before the pandemic demand for video has been on the rise, with 54% of consumers wanting to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Now in an uncertain market, video is critical for brands that want to continue to engage with audiences throughout this pandemic.”