Family legacy

Family Legacy

What is a Family Legacy Film?

“I’ll have time later…”

A Family Legacy Film is a way to reflect on life and preserve the unique experiences, observations, beliefs, and wisdom of your loved ones for future generations.

Many families have old film, photos, and plenty of stories. But it’s extremely rare for a family member to collate, capture and weave all the elements together, along with in-depth interviews,  in order to produce an artful heirloom that can be shared with future generations.

Why are Family Legacy Films Important?

No matter how clear your memories of someone, if they are on the screen in front of you and you hear their voice and see them speaking, the emotions associated with this person will be preserved in a visceral, tangible way. And for grandchildren and great-grandchildren who may never remember these older generations, a film is a powerful reminder of where they came from.

The gift of life is precious…and fleeting. A film is a digital legacy that will live on forever. In this way, the story remains a love letter to family for generations to come.

Why make a Family Legacy Film?

Sharing life stories helps forge a connection to the past and enables  a better understanding of who you are and where you came from. 

This process is not only about leaving a legacy for loved ones. It’s also about YOU sharing your story. Reflecting on your life and vocalising what you have learned can help you reflect more deeply and make peace with any unresolved emotions. This can be very freeing and healing. Making a family legacy film is often cathartic for all involved.

Family Legacy Films FAQs

Why hire a professional when I can just take videos on my phone?

Like most of us in this digital age, you probably have a plethora of movies and photos on your phone, but what happens next? Do you painstakingly edit all of your clips together to make a beautiful, cohesive film worthy of sharing? It’s easier to have someone else do all the work to plan and organize everything into a beautiful movie

How much does it cost?
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