Branded Docos

WHAT is your ‘back-story’?

Brand back-story is the tale of what came before the successful product or service. It’s the story of why your company or brand is what it is today.

As a content-maker, it’s my job  to consider how your back-story aligns with your company’s tone and messaging and help you define your mission – beyond selling product.  Every company has a captivating back-story, but many aren’t making full use of it, and their brand’s true ‘personality’ is missing a key building block.

WHY tell your back-story?
  • Differentiate your brand – back-story tells potential customers why you’re different. It gives your brand an organic personality and adds details and originality.
  • Define your mission – telling your own back-story can help you better define your brand’s unique mission.
  • Put a face to your brand – your back-story has drama!  Telling the story of the people, their motivations, the setbacks and lessons learned is intrinsically interesting. Especially for small, family businesses (or businesses that began as small family affairs). It’s one thing to put a face to a brand, but it’s even more compelling when that face has a tale to tell.
  • influence – a company back-story can influence media and pitches, helping deliver the big picture behind your pitch and make it relevant to the recipients.
  • Puts focus on the values of the brand, not on its products or its services
  • Generate conversation and notoriety around the brand
  • Appeal to emotions – telling your brand’s story does not seek to use rational arguments about why your product or service is better than the competition but instead seeks to connect with the audience on a more intimate level
  • Sharing backstory is not invasive and seeks for the user to consume it voluntarily