The REAL story behind you or your company

I focus on people and businesses who contribute to a better world in any way, large or small.

As an experienced  international documentary filmmaker, I apply the techniques and perspectives of my  experience to all the work I do.

My aim is to create emotionally compelling and intellectually engaging content that captures the hearts and minds of viewers.


My father is a criminal, my mother is a lapsed Orthodox Jew turned Buddhist hippie. Throughout my childhood I lived two lives, shuttling between them on two continents.

When I was seven years old living with my parents in rural Vermont I ran free and transported myself to all sorts of exotic places and situations. Within a year I was adventuring in those places with my mother who had ‘kidnapped’ me from my then outlaw father. We boarded a cargo ship in NYC, bound for Morocco. After a year on the road following the infamous ‘hippy trail’, we arrived in Australia to begin a new life. My world then became a whirlwind of contrast as I was bandied back and forth each year between road-tripping and scamming in the US with my outlaw father, and life in Australia with my mother and stepfather on their Buddhist retreat centre.

That period shaped my future as an intrepid, always curious filmmaker – traipsing the planet with camera and notepad shaping film narratives out of real lives. It also seeded the work I do now, helping other people find their own authentic stories – the ones that shape where they are…or where they want to be.

Today it seems more relevant and urgent to tell these stories. To support people doing the right thing by the planet and each other. To help these committed people, organizations and companies craft their stories and promote their vision, their ethos. To lift each other up to be seen in that light.

And that’s what I do: work together with my clients to uncover authentic, compelling brand stories that show audiences something deeper and more personal about companies and entrepreneurs.

What really matters to you or your company? Beyond making a profit, maybe it’s giving back – to the community, to the planet. Or providing healthier food choices. Or reducing footprints on the planet, or eliminating harm to others and our environment.

I can help define and clarify your core message and tell your story in a short documentary film for wide sharing on social media.

I aspire to create meaningful content that lends greater appreciation. It is the opposite of a glossy advertising gimmick.

The approach that works best for me is LISTENING. There is no standard client, and no single approach to storytelling and branding.

I feel that my unconventional childhood lead me to be an observer, taking it all in, analysing, questioning and ultimately… feeling. I bring this to my filmmaking. In parallel I am a performing classical violinist, a beekeeper, an intrepid camper, a partner, a mother, a daughter, an Australian and an American, not necessarily in that order.

What’s the story behind you, or your company? Together we can bring it to light…


Video is now the fastest growing and most popular segment of the web. On top of that, documentary-style video content has recently seen a surge in popularity and has become one of the best ways that brands connect with their customers in a more meaningful way.

To my mind there is no more powerful – and more underused – medium than the documentary film. More and more brands are using skilled documentary makers to create content without pushing a strong branded message.

Reflecting the move away from overt marketing, documentary-style video provides a way for brands to use stories to indirectly communicate something about themselves.

Audience then cannot help but be curious about your story, and be naturally drawn to the human side of the company, which gives them greater appreciation for your product or service.

Engaging, authentic stories that are informative, useful, heartfelt, and entertaining can reach the largest possible cross section of audiences via social media, which is the most cost-effective way to have wide reach. If it resonates on an emotional level, people will share it organically and it will gather its own momentum.

The focus of your video content should be on valuable, affecting, storytelling-driven content that piques the target audiences’ interest by giving them an in-depth look at you, your company, or a topic they may never have considered before (just like any good documentary). Done well, they comfortably balance a line between remaining honest and truthful while also indirectly promoting brand values.

Through video story-telling your audiences are far more likely to engage with your products and become loyal to your brand and mission. People feel good spending their money on products that benefit others as well as themselves.

Every company has a story. Telling yours in a meaningful way is a valuable key to success.



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Not everyone feels comfortable sharing their story in front of a camera. In fact, many people find it terrifying. I know all too well how this feels. I  found it excruciating at times during the making of my personal documentary when faced with sharing my story on camera to the world.

My role is to support you and help you through the process so you’re able to feel relaxed and confident when it’s time to start filming.

I have interviewed so many people through my film work and found that I was able to help them through their initial discomfort and uncover the gold that lies beneath. If you ask my friends, they’ll tell you (with some teasing) that I am the one at a party who uncovers a stranger’s life story in the first ten minutes of meeting. I love to listen and I have a genuine curiosity about people and the world around me.

Helping you feel relaxed is a big part of what I offer. We start with a initial prep session where I listen carefully to understand your story and how you got to where you are now. I then coach you to give the best of yourself on camera.

In our post-COVID world, authenticity and re-thinking the way we relate to each other – and to consumers – is more important than ever. The desire to somehow create a better world, to connect authentically, and with heart, in amongst our digitally-saturated environment is stronger than ever. Ultimately I believe we want to feel each other’s vulnerability and know that it’s OK to expose it.

With me, you’ll get an honest and open story of you and your company, as well as a visually stunning short film, shot by the incredible cinematographers on my team.

I really look forward to working with you and finding what stories we can uncover…together.


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